GTA Online Guide for Faster Rank & More Money

GTA Online Tips Guide

Grand Theft Auto Online is an online third person shooter multiplayer game, and it has a huge world. While there are many peds around, you also play with up to 30 real players. GTA Online is almost exactly the same as standard GTA V and you can do the same things in GTA Online. The difference is as you may already know, that the online version allows your to play with other GTA gamers around the world.

Making Money & Ranking Up

Earning money and ranking in GTA online can be a tedious task, that’s why we offer GTA Online modded accounts & service, it makes it a lot “easier” to get to a respectful rank.

If you want to take the manual route, kudos to you! The best way to manually make tons of money and get higher ranks is simply to grind. Take on heists you feel comfortable with and you’re sure you can pull-off. High payouts, low risk it’s the way to go in GTA 5 Online.

Other tips & Tricks in GTA 5

Make sure you’re alert and don’t trust everyone you meet in GTA online. Some players are shady and might stab you in the back (literally)

While you’re lurking around the huge open world of GTA V, other players will think you’re a target. If you like to play solo, that’s fine. But also know that many players join gangs and can be 5 players per crew. If you don’t want any other players in the world at all, you can do so by starting a server with ‘invite only’. Playing solo limits your character development. The best tip is probably to just join other players, but make sure they’re trustworthy or else..

gta online guide


That’s it for our GTA Online guide. Let us know in the comments for future tips and tricks regarding Grand Theft Auto V.

Rules of Survival Tips & Tricks Guide

rules of survival tips and tricks

Have you just started playing rules of survival? Following are Fragcache’s own Rules of Survival Tips & Tricks Guide that is required to be known by the player in order to get an edge in the world which has been put against you:

  • Discover a control format with whom you are comfortable.
  • Choose the best place where you wanted to be dropped in order to get ample of time for formulating strategies.
  • Get the things on a priority basis like look for a backpack and helmet first as the former will help you in keeping multiple of things while the latter will do the job of protecting you.
  • Formulate strong strategy like whenever you enter any building keep the doors locked and hide yourself in the washroom so, if anyone enters, you can blew them away.
  • Have patience and wait till the opponent comes in your way rather than moving towards them and invite more troubles.
  • Use headphones to make the game more realistic and to be more concentrated.
    Know when you are required to be in or out of the circle.
  • Hide yourself around the circle in order to catch people running into the circle.
  • Find the way to loot the crates dropped by the planes but make sure that you remain safe from other players.
  • The player should always ensure that they have sufficient grenades. Never run out of grenades as it can prove to be very risky.
  • Make use of third person camera in order to get first mover advantage.


Rules of Survival Cheats & Hacks


One can use Rules of Survival cheats which essentially means that the player can aim at few other players automatically so that they can win this game easily. Be careful while using Rules of Survival hacks as it would be moderately observable if the player is pulling the shots off which is quite impossible to do. One can also find the hacks having best reputation and do not forget make fresh account in order to use the Rules of Survival Hack.

Read the reviews of other players in order to ensure that the hack is free of viruses and that it works correctly. Now go and enjoy some Rules of Survival gaming!

How To Cheat in CS:GO Competitive

Have you ever wondered how you can get away cheating/hacking in CS:GO matchmaking or competitive? You’re not alone, and we at FragCache has decided to write a guide about the best CS:GO hack practices. We will go through the main hack features including aimbot, ESP and Radar hacks. 

How To Get Away Cheating in Counter Strike: Global Offensive

We will go through how to properly use aimbot, esp and radar hacks in CS:GO. It;s pretty straightforward really, but nevertheless there are still people out there who doesn’t know certain things that are needed to stay hacking for along time without suspicion.

ESP hacks

Cheating with ESP in Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a good way to stay undetected, since no one can see that you’re using it, unlike aimbots. When using ESP, always remember a vital point: Never, ever, pre-fire. And don’t aim at people through the wall. That’s pretty much all you need to know to use ESP in a stealthy way.


Aimbot Hack

Aimbots are probably the hardest hack to get away with due to its popular “jerky” movements. With FragCache private CS:GO hack, you can set your “smooth/legit” feature to ca 50, which hides your aimbot very well. You can read our cheating on LAN guide for more aimbot and smooth/FOV information. Something that’s important when it comes to aimbot is to deactivate it when your teammates are spectating you, just incase.

csgo aimbot guide

Radar Hack

Pretty much the same has ESP, but even more stealthy incase you’re on a LAN or have other players watching your screen. Many pro CS:GO players like NaVi has used these as well as hidden aimbots for a long time. Radar hacks is probably one of the oldest cheats in the book, and is used frequently in MMORPGs as well.

Counter Strike Global Offensive RADAR HACK


What Can I do If Someone Suspects Me Of Hacking?

Fear not, because cheat allegations are thrown around frequently in Counter Strike GO, so just keep your cool and avoid playing like an absolute terminator. Die sometimes, even if you have to swallow your pride. Some players like to manually report people they suspect are using hacks, but relax: FragCache hacks are not even detected on screenshots. If your ESP is enabled, it won’t be seen on PrintScreens. 😉

We hope this How-To-Cheat guide helps you out in staying undetected in CS:GO.

CS:GO: How To Use Cheats On LAN

How To Cheat On LANs Without Getting Caught

Using cheats on LAN is nothing new in Counter Strike Global Offensive, and we are gonna tell you how to get away with it, undetected.

The good thing with our free CS:GO hack is that you can change the FOV on the aimbot to make your gameplay look legit. There are also different functions in the aimbot, like auto-fire & FOV.

FOV = Field Of View. By making the FOV smaller, your aimbot trigger window gets smaller. This means less “jumpy” moves in game. The aimbot will aim at everything in the FOV window, so keep your it small to for less movements. That’s how you keep cheating undetected on LANs!

CSGO aimbot LAN

Green = Good FOV, about the size of the crosshair. Keep it at this size or smaller.
Red = Bad FOV, too large, will be obvious and might result in ban/detection.


Just keep your FOV small and hidden, and you will be fine, even on LANs.