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Get Free Beta Keys for The Latest PC Games 2018

free beta keys 2018 PC
Get Free Beta Keys for the upcoming big game titles 2018 like WoW Battle for Azeroth, Mount & Blade II, Sea of Thieves, Far Cry 5 and many more. For the moment we have beta keys for PC only, but we might get some for PS4 & Xbox in the future. We have closed beta keys for the newest FPS, MMOs & MMORPGs and any other game you can think of.



World of Worldcraft: Battle for Azeroth BETA KEY
Get FREE BETA KEY for WoW: Battle for Azeroth

Blade & Soul II: Bannerlord BETA KEY
Download FREE bots and scripts for RS3 & OSRS.

Sea of Thieves BETA KEY

Get a free beta key for Sea of Thieves.

Star Citizen BETA KEY

Free beta keys for SC, get yours now!

Free Beta Keys for The Latest Games

We at FragCache are trying to gather all the latest Beta Keys for the new games that are being released and publish them here for you guys (and girls!) to enjoy. We mostly provide PC game beta keys, but the occasional PS4 or Xbox ONE Beta Key might pass through here as well. We currently have beta keys from games made by Blizzard, Naughty Dog, EA, Steam and many more.

What’s a Beta Key & How Do I Use Them?
A beta key is a code that you redeem online, for example a beta key for Steam is redeemed in, you guessed it, Steam. Beta keys let you test-play a game before it’s release. It’s like the new generation of demos, you know the old CDs with 20 minutes of gameplay? While most beta keys last about 7-14 days.  You usually get them as a preorder bonus, but we can get them from.. certain places and we’re providing them here for free!


What Games Can I Get Free Beta Keys for?

We have beta keys for games like World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth, Dauntless, Destiny 2, Sea of Thieves, Mount & Blade II and many more MMO and FPS games. Almost all popular games, actually. Just browse them above and we’re sure you’ll find the beta you’re looking for. If not, feel free to contact us.

Are All Beta Keys Free?
Yes! Everything on our website is free including our beta keys. If your ever asked to pay for a beta, well then you’re getting scammed.


What is a BETA Release?

A beta is the second phase of testing a game and usually comes right after all the major issues discovered in Alpha are fixed. The length of betas are different from every game, but normal is 3-7 days. Betas are meant to gathered data from the audience trying the game – Bugs, exploits and general feedback about the gameplay. The Beta phase generally starts when the game is near complete but likely to contain a number of bugs or errors. With so many free MMORPGs released lately, the questions “What does beta mean?” or “What’s an open beta?”. The term beta are not exclusive to MMORPGs, or even games, it’s widely used with software in general like our cheats.


Closed & Open Beta Keys

Closed Beta – The stage between Alpha and Open Beta. The fine tuning. The last touch. People usually have to apply for closed beta testings, but here on FragCache we provide them for free. Applying is ridiculous in our opinion, and should be accessible/free for everyone.

Open Beta – Means the game is released and available to the public. Anyone can get a free OPEN beta key. In 95%+ of cases, you will get to keep your character and loot when the game officially releases. Open Beta is a kind of beta testing, but with most of the issues already fixed. The game’s are usually highly playable, or completely ready except rare bugs.