Diablo 3 MapHack

Diablo 3 MapHack Download 2018

d3 maphack free

Download FragCache’s free maphack for Diablo 3 RoS with features like showing monsters, chests and breakables on the minimap / radar. The Maphack is undetectable by Warden with our great coding techniques and has a lot of features and supports all game modes in Diablo 3! Works for both standard D3 and Reaper of Souls.


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Diablo 3 MapHack Features

Our D3 RoS MapHack makes you see everyone and everything on your map. Enemies, loot, NPCs and much more. 


You can see enemies before they see you with our enemy feature. All enemies will be visible on your map so you can stay one step ahead at all times. This feature can be turned off within the menu.

Just like the enemy feature, you can see where loot exist on your map! No more random slash on barrels hoping there will be loot in them, now you’ll always now where and what contains loot. No more time-wasting!

I don’t think we need to explain this one. This feature will make sure you’re see all NPC’s at all times, on your radar. Quite straightforward.


1. Launch Diablo III
2. Launch FragCache Diablo 3 MapHack
3. Join/Start a game
4. Press the ‘Insert’ key to open hack menu, enjoy!


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FragCache’s Free Diablo 3 ROS MapHack, Coded From Scratch

We coded this D3 MapHack from scract, we did not use any scrap source code for this project. We prefer to just do it from scratch to make sure our bots, hacks and cheats are undetected. Even source codes are detected nowadays, making any software made with it bannable within a few days – With our MapHack you’ll be safe, but please play with care and don’t make it too obvious. 

Map-Hack Menu With Many Features

d3 map hack

All the feature options can be turned on or off while playing, simply use the menu and configure the Diablo III maphack how you want it. Download the map hack now for free and get access instantly.

We also have a free farming bot for Diablo 3 here.