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free mmorpg bots
Download Bots for your favourite MMO / MMORPG PC game! Bots can do anything from fishing, crafting and hunting to grinding and farming. Some tasks are very time-consuming, so why do it when your computer can! We have bots for Diablo 3, Tibia, Clash of Kings, RuneScape, World of Warcraft and more. Browse our free bots below.


Download Free MMORPG Bots in 2018

World of Worldcraft Bots
Download FREE bots for WoW: Legion & Battle for Azeroth

RuneScape Bots & Scripts
Download FREE bots and scripts for RS3 & OSRS.

Diablo Bots & Scripts

Download FREE bots for both Diablo II and Diablo III.

Black Desert Online Bot

Download our FREE BDO Bot.

TERA Bots & Scripts

Download FREE bots for GW2. Coming soon!

DarkOrbit Bot

Download free DarkOrbit bot 2018.

Blade & Soul Bots

Download FREE bots for BaS I & II. Coming soon!

Star Wars The Old Republic Bots & Scripts

Download FREE SWTOR bots 2018. Coming soon!


What’s MMO / AI Bots & How Do You Use Them?

Bots are AI software programs can do simple tasks like crafting, fishing, farming gold and much more on autopilot. In MMO games like RuneScape bots are usually for farming, fishing, looting and grinding up XP for your character. Simply put, bots do the boring, time-consuming tasks like gathering wood or farming gold for 5 hours while you sleep. We have free bots available for download and works for most computers and operative systems, depending on the game though of course.


How Does an MMO Bot Work?

The most common term for MMO bots is actually “macro-bot” and they can automate most tasks in-game. Our bots, at least 95% of them, read your RAM for the game memory. By doing this, the bots can figure out your exact position in-game to follow specific waypoints. Without that feature, the bot wouldn’t know where you are, and it would simply not work. At least not undetected.

The bot file itself is usually an executable file that is ran on the side of the game .exe, meaning the bots don’t inject into the game files. This is very handy for staying away from those horrible ban waves hitting Diablo and WoW.

The bots usually load a script that is ran, for various tasks. Let’s take RuneScape for example, our bot has several scripts for tasks like fishing, gathering seeds, repairing weapons and much more – Just pick your desired script and load it.


Why Are Peopling Using MMO Farming Bots?

Well, there are two reasons behind why people would bot in MMOs. People that wants to level up their characters, gain XP and loot without too much effort. Leveling up characters in MMORPGs can be a real buzzkill and time-waster. Or maybe they don’t have time to play as much as they wants, and therefor uses bots to automate what there isn’t time for.┬áMajority of people that uses bots, are doing it for personal (in-game) gain.

Ad then we have the second on the list, financial profit. People make a lot of money selling in-game gold, rare items and maxed characters for real life cash.


Why Are Most MMO Bots Expensive?

MMO bots can be very hard to code and maintain undetected, and with people frequently using it you need to have good servers too. All this costs money and time, which means free bots are rare. That means the bot makers need to make money, and that means monthly subscription fees and other unpleasant stuff. We on FragCache however, have bot coding as our hobby. We enjoy making bots, we enjoy learning as we go. It’s fun, and we get to provide the gaming community with free downloads for popular MMO games.

Some games (specifically 2D games) are easier to code bots for, like RuneScape or Diablo 2 where waypoint paths are simple to create, at least comparing to Diablo 3 or WoW.

Some bots don’t even exist at all, even to pay for. Free bots are even harder to find, and that’s what we at FragCache wants to change. If you are playing a game you want a bot for, feel free to contact us and give a request.


Can I Get Banned Using MMO Bots?

Well, yes, but it all depends on how well you’re botting. As an MMO botter, you need to take some precautions to avoid the ban-hammer from BattlEye or similar anti-bot systems. Compared to cheats like aimbots and wallhacks, bots don’t inject to the game executable, meaning anti-bots can’t scan your game .exe for .dll injections. With that said, bots can still look very odd game playing-wise and raise some questions, specially if you have spectators. Our bots however are very human-like in the behaviour and are very hard to detect, even with manual eyes spectating your moves.

Another bot warning is your playtime. If you have your bot running 24/7, you will get detected in most MMO games. A real human couldn’t play for 24h a day, obviously. Having your bot running on about 16h/day max is a good way to stay secure and safe. You can load your scripts in different orders, making your character play more “random” and not so consistent to one task.


MMORPG Bot Features & Scripting

The features of MMO bots differ a lot from game to game. World of Warcraft bots are for example mostly focused on leveling up characters and farming gold. In RuneScape, there are hundreds of scripts you load into the bot that can do anything from planting specific seeds, to finishing specific quests. Diablo as well as WoW bots can load in custom waypoints to walk to specific gold rich areas, where you get the most gold per hour.

PvPing in MMORPGs with bots is trickier, but still possible. There are several config scripts that allow you to PvP with ease, but the scripts can be hard to find. You can also edit these waypoints inside the bot while in-game for the inexperienced botter.

Other features are also available in some of our free bots. Sell and buy loot, repair equipment and gather materials and resources. Auto healing is also available in PvE. Some more complicated tasks might be out of reach for botting, but the standard boring things can definitely be botted. Some bots are even able to trade on the action house and may even be programmed to buy at certain process and sell at others, but these bots are generally hard to come by, since they can generate huge profits.