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black desert online bot

FragCache finally have a free Black Desert Online bot loaded with functions and features. The BDO bot can do fishing, auctioning, production and tons more. The bot is currently available for free, but that might change in the feature and we’ll flip it to a paid bot, but for now you can download Black Desert bot for free below.



Black Desert Online Bot Features

Bots are nothing but software or programs that can alter some parts of a game and provide you with the ability to automate things. Each script for our BDO bot is specialized for one specific task and can be replaced once to add something new to the game. But in this game, we have the Black Desert bot that are variable in functionality and in features. 

bdo bot download

BDO Fishing Bot

  • The Black Desert Fishing bot is one of any bot that you might find on the internet and its proven to be highly profitable. 
  • Gives a wider choice in the implementation of special fishing rods that could boost profits and replaces broken ones. 
  • Helps you to have the upper hand in solving captchas during mini games. Also, a perfect way to hit a home run with fine-tuning. 
  • Assists you in collecting the most precious of items and throwing away things that aren’t at all necessary. This feature may be disabled once you have finished collecting your quest items. 
  • Provides an indication of drying the fish types and giving you information as to which types of fishes needs to be dried and which shouldn’t. 
  • The Black Desert Online bot gives an indication when the fishing rods are full or when there isn’t any left in the inventory. 

BDO Auctioneer Bot

  • Using the Black Desert Online bot provided by us can give you the upper hand in buying an unlimited number of things from the market. 
  • You can implement your own process on any item and the bot will redesign the action as per your requirements. 
  • The bot keeps a track of every item that you might have purchased. Gives you an indication when you might have reached your maximum limit. 

BDO Production Bot

  • This particular Black Desert Online bot can help you in various day to day tasks in the game. 
  • Unlimited number of tasks can be predefined in the game. Whether you are using the most basic of ingredients or the complex of things, the bot can handle it all. 
  • The black desert online bot uses nothing else but only the storage compartment at your house to access things. 
  • You don’t have to purchase anything new. The Black Desert Online bot automatically uses the things that you have in storage by taking a full scan of it. 
  • It gives you an evenly spread out time to finish the task much faster. Rather than spending several hours on a single task. 
  • The Black Desert bot Helps the character to start each of the tasks faster without any sort of delays in the process. 

Other Bot Features

    Full User-Emulation in order to prevent Game Shield or Another Player detection.
    Now you can get pearl items, weapons, boss gear while you sleep.
    Bot support all event loot for all servers. Also you can add own loot.
    Now you can get high tier T5-T8 horse include Courser (Gold).
    Automatic processing up to 10 Products, while material not ran out.
    Bot can overweight (overstack) your horse to infinite weight.
  • LOOT
    Adjustment of collecting all loot from ALL Loot Window Slots.
    Bot can go to Sell fish, Repair rods, Place relic shard to Marketplace.
    Bot feed and reuse workers.
    Bot can help in Grind, Gathering, Desert, Train
    Automatic use of Food, Bait, Pet Feed
    Per night bot will earn up to 100 million silver.
    Setup bot by 5 minutes. Anyone can customize to fit your needs.
    Bot is support next Server Regions: Europe, Japan, Korea, North America, SEA server, South America, Steam version, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey



How Do I Use The Black Desert Online Bot

The BDO bot is very easy to use. Simply start the bot or game (doesn’t matter which order),  and then press F5 or DEL button to open the bot menu in-game. The button can be changed to your preferred key in the config or bot menu. Some people like to have F5 binded for other things, so feel free to change it.

The menu has all the features and you can enable/disable whatever you want so you can run the bot your way.

How Does The Bot Work?

A Black Desert Online bot will read your RAM to figure out your in-game position and scan for opponents. Scripts are a set of instructions that the BDO bot can understand and perform based on the instructions given. They will also follow a path to do specific tasks like fishing and hunting. Depending on the bot, you might be able to record or script your own paths and to customize the tasks that are to be performed. Most bots can load scripts for specific tasks, like the free Black Desert Online Bots.

BDO bot download

Most bots are using scripted routes in order to minimize the chance of getting reported or banned. Bot scripts can literally be coded to do anything you want as long as it doesn’t require complicated movements or thinking. Think of Black Desert Online bots as someone who can work 24/7, but has an IQ of 20. 



An overview of Black Desert Online

Ever since a kid, you would have definitely played games on our computer, right? Well, it would be an adventure game or something related to racing or even fighting. It would differ from a perspective of a person. But today we are going to talk about a different game that takes it one step further. Each and everything about this game talks to the real world and draws inspiration from it. It’s none other than black desert online, An open world game that lets anyone be whom they wish to be. Let’s take a deeper look at this game and what makes it this special and fantastic. So without further ado, let’s get cracking.

Black Desert Online – The Best MMORPG in 2018

Black Desert Online is an open world game that is based on a multiplayer role-playing (MMORPG) based platform. A game which has been in production for several years a finally come out to give people the option of becoming anything that they would wish to become in the artificial world. Well, the game is free in certain parts of the world but in other regions, it’s on a buy to play option.

This of course makes getting a Black Desert Online bot very appealing, especially if you are into selling rare items and loot.

What Makes Black Desert Online So Great

The game has several graphical and technical advancements that make it really interesting and addicting to play at all times. Some of the realistic aspects of the game are given below.

  • The game can create artificially based weather patterns based on the season that is programmed into it. At times the game can surprise you with unique and different weather forecasts that could boost your character’s ability to attack a rival in a nearby area.
  • A dynamically induced day and night system which changes as per the duration of the hours played in the game. The game can also mimic real-world duration and keep the time of when it should get dark and when bright. Smartly adapts to the location at which the game is being played. 
  • Everything that a player’s character does gain them points or some sort of reward. Hence either by crafting or by trading or any form of business can get you newer things that you can equip yourself to advance to higher levels in the game. 
  • An extensively crafted combat scenario between players. It results in the players having to duel against each other to gain valuables and advance into gaining more experience which they can either store or sell to buy greater things. 


BDO is definitely an interesting game and also can give you the best immersive feeling like nothing else. But for one to actually gain a lot more out of the game there are certain free black desert online bots that are out there that can give you a greater advantage in having special abilities of your character. Our black desert online bot is specially designed to fully automate boring tasks like fishing.

Download your free BDO bot now!

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