CS:GO: How To Use Cheats On LAN

Using cheats on LAN parties is nothing new in Counter Strike Global Offensive, and we are gonna tell you how to get away with it undetected, just like the pro players (Yes, they cheat).

The good thing about our CS:GO hack is that you can change the FOV on the aimbot to make your gameplay look legit. There are also different functions in the aimbot, like the smooth feature which makes it even harder to detect. Read our hack settings guide for proper cheat setup.

How To Use Aimbot On LAN

CSGO aimbot LAN

Aimbot is a great way to stay undetected on LAN parties. Many pro players use aimbots with an extremely small FOV and high smooth settings.

FOV = Field Of View. By making the FOV smaller, your aimbot trigger window gets smaller. This means less “jumpy” moves in-game. The aimbot will aim at everything in the FOV window, so keep it small for less obvious movements.

Smooth = Makes your aim smooth and a lot less detectable. The smooth factor has passed multiple Overwatch reviews. 😉

Use smooth + small FOV, that’s how you keep cheating undetected on LANs with an aimbot.

How To Use ESP Wallhack On LAN

csgo esp LANESP Wallhack isn’t the easiest thing to get away with on LAN, since people can see your screen. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but we suggest using a very small ESP box for LAN.

Radar hack might be a better choice, it also gives your the enemies positions but with a lot more stealth. DrawSpot is another way to use “ESP”, since it only shows you a small dot on the enemy players.

Have a look in our CSGO hack menu and decide for yourself what you think would work best for you.

Using Smurf Accounts

Don’t forget to purchase CS:GO smurf accounts in-case you want to have two separate accounts. This is common for people who are afraid to ruin their main account, so having a “smurf account” for cheating can be a good idea. With that said, using FragCache private hack will always keep you safe from bans no matter what. You don’t need smurf accounts if you go with FragCache.

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