Buy the best undetected aimbots, wallhacks and other cheats for your favorite FPS game! We have two Counter Strike Global Offensive hacks available, there is no difference between the two, so Pick The One With The Better Name!

fragcache hack

FragCache Private CSGO Hack
($10 Monthly Fee)

› FragCache private CS:GO hack including aimbot, wallhack, ESP, Skin Changer, and Knife Changer (Including Horizon Knives / Skins) (Undetected 2018)


smurfwrecker hack

SmurfWrecker Private CSGO Hack
($10 Monthly Fee)

› SmurfWrecker CSGO hack including aimbot, ESP & More (Undetected 2018)


Usual Features Of FPS Hacks, Aimbots & Cheats

All our cheats have different features depending on the game, but we usually focus on making so-called all-in-one “Multi Hacks”, which are cheats featuring things like aimbot, triggerbot, ESP, radar, wallhacks and more. You can read more about specific cheat features in our CSGO hack guide.


Updates occur on a weekly basis to make sure our hacks stay 100% undetected from anti-cheats. On the rare chance that a cheat gets detected, we’ll usually update it within hours. Make sure you have .NET FrameWork 4.5 or higher to run our cheats properly.

*Always make sure you’re downloading the cheats from, or you’re running the risk of getting a malware-filled copy of the cheat*

How does your skin changer / knife changer work, and what skins / knives does it include?

We take special pride in our skin changer and knife changer, because we are one of the first external CSGO Cheats with a fully functional knife changer. We have read many forums, and seen so many threads saying that it is impossible. Apparently not!

We support all knives, including the new Horizon Case Knives! Make any combination you want! Stiletto Tiger Tooth, Ursus Sapphire, whatever your heart desires! In fact, here are those two!



Now, for some people, knives just aren’t their thing. Not to worry! Our skin changer works on every gun, with every skin that has ever been introduced, including the skins from the new Horizon Case! For example, here is a sawed off devourer:

How Does Aimbot, Wallhack, and ESP Work?


An aimbot is a hack used in FPS (first person shooter), such as CSGO. Our CSGO Aimbot is one of the very best aimbots that you will ever see in an External CSGO Hack.

An aimbot’s main function is that it automatically aims at enemy opponents in-game. Unlike what most people think, though, it often doesn’t automatically shoot people in the head! Instead, most aimbots, including ours, aim to help our players improve their aim. All it does it slowly move the crosshair towards the enemy’s head. Of course, we also allow you to use a csgo aimbot as it is typically thought, but it is much more satisfying when you do most of the work yourself, and just get some “assistance” 😉

Here are some features and settings of our CSGO Aimbot:

FOV = Field Of View. By making the FOV smaller, your aimbot trigger window gets smaller. This means less “jumpy” moves in game. The aimbot will aim at everything in the FOV window, so keep your FOV small to for less movements. That’s how you keep cheating undetected!

Aim Smoothing: Aim smoothing, if turned on, is an incredibly powerful feature. It makes it so that, instead of “jumping” to an enemy’s head, your crosshair will instead move to it. Essentially, it makes it so that your aimbot looks more legit, and is less of a crutch.


Wallhack is a cheat for first-person shooter games like Counter Strike, Call of Duty & Overwatch that makes opponents visible through walls and objects. This makes it possible to stay one step ahead of other players and dominate every match, like our CS GO wallhack. The word wallhack makes sense since the cheat allows you to see enemies through walls. A wallhack will either make walls transparent or simply make players visible at all times through all materials.

This wallhack makes players visible through walls:

counter strike wallhack example

There are a few important settings and features in our CSGO Wallhack.

Friendly / Enemy RGB: Change the RGB (Color) of the wallhack for your enemies or teammates

Friendly / Enemy Toggle: Turn certain pars of the CSGO Wallhack on and off

Change Color On Seen: Change the wallhack color to white on an enemy if you are able to see them

Are Your Cheats/Hacks Detectable?

Making cheats undetected is the hard part, but we cracked it. Our Hacks have remained undetected and are coded from scratch in 2018 by us. But you may ask, why are there almost no undetected cheats available elsewhere?

Making cheats isn’t easy and takes a lot of man-hours. One cheat can easily exceed 800 hours of work, and many cheat would rather steal others’ code. This means that many cheats are detected as soon as one is, because they all use almost the same code! It’s an art, and we have mastered it. All the cheats and bots from our website are private and handmade, especially our CS:GO Private hack.

The reason we have made it so affordable is because we believe that everyone should be able to play the game the way they want, but we also know how easy it is for free cheats to become detected. So, we settle for a low monthly fee that covers our server and maintenance costs, and you get all the benefit!