FragCache Private Cheat

With FragCache Private CSGO cheats, you will get your very own custom built & private undetected cheat without costly upfront charges! We know that not every cheat is meant for everyone, so obviously you’d want to try it before you buy it! Most of our competitors don’t understand that! 

We don’t ask you to pay $25+ up front without every trying the cheat, we let you get a taste for it first for only $0.99!


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Why FragCache Private CSGO Cheats Are The Best

csgo cheats private
  • Totally Undetected
  • Skin / Knife Changer With New Horizon Skins / Knives
  • Exclusive features not found in other external cheats
  • Less chance of becoming detected than internal cheats
  • Aimbot, ESP, Radar & more features
  • No costly upfront fees! Try it before committing!
  • Custom hack, totally coded from scratch!

Every private FragCache CS:GO hack sold is custom and unique, now that’s PRIVATE!

There are many CSGO hacks out there but not all of them have the quality we can provide. We have features like a fully functioning knife changer, which many external cheat providers say is impossible. Free cheats are in 99% of the cases either filled with malware and trojans, or simply detectable since there are hundreds of Counter Strike Global Offensive players using the exact same copy of a hack.

Private CSGO Cheat Features:

FragCache Private CSGO Cheats has features like ESP hack, Aimbot, Triggerbot, Radar, Skin, Misc and Config. All features can be enabled/disabled in the easily navigable menu that you open by pressing the “Insert” key. You don’t have to join a server first, you can also use the menu while in the lobby to prepare your settings before playing since this can be annoying to do while your enemies are spraying you down.

You can save your hack settings in the “config” tab to keep different configurations like “Rage” and “Stealth” settings for different game styles. Sometimes you need a stealth cheat when playing competitive matches to stay undetected from spectators, but on public servers you can go a bit more crazy.


Aimbot is perfect for people who need some help improving your aim. Whether you want to totally destroy your opponents, or just get a little help with your aim.


  • Aim Smoothing
  • Aimbot FOV
  • Recoil Control
    • Totally Customizable
    • Change intensity of the RCS


Triggerbot is an important part of the aimbot. Automatically shoot when someone is in your crosshair. This is great for AWPing, peaking corners, or holding down an angle in a game. Be warned, though! This can look suspicious to spectators.


Our wallhack is totally customizable.

  • Change the Color of the outline for both enemies and teammates
  • NoFlash: Flash grenades no longer work on you!
  • Toggle Friendly / Enemy Walls: Turn on/off parts of the wallhack that you do or dont want to use.
  • Change Color On Seen: The outline on an enemy will turn white when you can see them. This is good to help with prefiring.
  • Wallhack Intensity: Lowering this helps with low FPS
  • Threads: 2 Is better, but if you have very low FPS, 1 will raise it. With 1 Thread, BHop, RCS, and aimbot will not work as well.


We are one of the only external CSGO Hacks with a working CSGO Knife Changer!

  • Pick any knife ever release
  • Includes new Horizon case knives, with skins not even available, like the Stiletto Tiger Tooth to the left.
  • Change any knife to any skin you want, even if it doesn’t exist in the game, like a Bayonet Lore!
  • Super easy to use!


Our Skin Changer is totally customizable!

  • Assign a different skin for every gun, so that as soon as you get it it is equipped!
  • Rock an AK Fire Serpent like the one on the left totally for free! (Besides the cost of the cheat, of course)
  • We are one of the only external cheats in existence with both a working skin changer and a working knife changer.
  • Get the benefits of being harder to detect as an external cheat and combine it with all of the cool features of a standard internal like skin changer and knife hanger, and you get the Static Ware Private CSGO Cheat!


We offer some great miscellaneous features for our users, such as:

  • Bunny Hop
  • Recoil Control
  • Rage Mode
  • RCS Reset
  • NoFlash


Our CSGO Hack is Totally Customizable.  Every setting can be changed, and saved in configs. You can save different presets for different play styles. Don’t waste time changing settings every time! Have a lefit and rage preset, and switch between the two as often as you want!

  • Create and save custom configs
  • Load your configs in game, as often as you want!

Private CS:GO Hack Instructions

Using our private CSGO cheats is very simple and straightforward, our menu is easy to use and is clickable with your mouse for easiest use. Navigate easily between aimbot, triggerbot, ESP and other features.

To load the hack, follow these instructions:

    1. Unzip the “” file to folder of your choice. (C:/FragCache for example)
    2. Run the FragCache Launcher.exe file
    3. Login
    4. Run CSGO
    5. Click Launch StaticWare
    6. Enjoy!

That’s it! You can now set up your preferable cheat settings in the menu and start dominating. If you have any issues getting it running, have a look through our FAQ or Hack Guide for more help.

Get Undetected Private CSGO Cheats

Be the owner of a private & custom Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Multi-Hack! All FragCache private cheats come with their own signature, making it very hard to detect. These hacks stay undetected from the Eye of Sauron (VAC/Overwatch) for a long time!

Every single private Counter Strike Global Offensive cheat are custom made and are currently undetected from VAC. They all have the same functions and are so called Multi Hacks with almost all hacking features you’ll ever need.



(Your cheat will only work on the first computer it is opened on. You will need to contact an admin to get your device reset.)

How FragCache Private CSGO Cheats Work

The difference between them is in our completely unique features. I challenge you to find another external cheat with a knife changer or skin changer, especially that supports the new Horizon Case Knives / Skins. The fact that all of the features of our CSGO Hack are custom made makes our cheats very hard to detect, and with our custom launcher, we can send out automatic updates with ease! Never worry about checking your email for the newest version, you know for a fact that you will always have the most up to date one!

Our private CS GO cheats come with lots of features, but rest assured you can enable/disable them as you wish. If you only want to use Aimbot, disable everything else! Or maybe you only want a slight help with the aim, like a smooth aimbot with a small FOV? No problem – ALL features can be enabled or disabled and all settings are customizable in our menu.

Our Private CSGO Hack is 100% VAC Undetected

The Counter Strike: Global Offensive Hack is 100% undetected from VAC, and is coded from scratch in 2018 by FragCache. The challenge of defeating anti-cheats is very rewarding and satisfying in its own way, beating an intelligent AI to continuously keep cheating is a great feeling. Making cheats is easy – Making them undetected is the hard part, but we finally cracked the code to enabled us to make completely undetected CSGO Hacks.

Cheating in CS:GO and How To Stay Undetected

Staying undetected from other players in Counter Strike: Global Offensive can be tricky, especially when playing competitive matches or on LANs. The secret is smooth aimbots, adjustable recoil control, and wallhacks that change color when an enemy is visible to you.

Aimbot Stealth Cheating

The secret is to use a small FOV window, and have the smooth feature set on 20 or less to not make obvious moves when shooting in-game. You can read our How to Cheat at LAN Guide for extra information about FOV and stealth cheating.

aimbot fov information

Keep your aimbot FOV window small, like the green box. Avoid large FOV boxes like the one in red.


ESP Stealth Hacking

ESP hacking is a lot easier to get away with, but you still need to be careful – Prefiring is an easy occurrence and can expose your cheating real quick. Thankfully, we offer a solution for this. Our custom wallhack comes with a ton of great features and settings, such as change color on seen, which lets you know when an enemy is actually visible to you by turning him white. It puts a whole new meaning in the phrase “Don’t shoot til you see the white of their eyes!” Or, well, not eyes but you know what we mean.


Adjustable Recoil Control

Most recoil controls are seen as a “rage” feature. We don’t think that this needs to be the case. You can customize how much you want your gun to react to recoil. Maybe you just want the spray pattern to be a little smaller so that you can control it easier. Whatever the case is, you can change it to fit your exact playstyle.


Saving different configs is a good idea, for example, one having a “legit” config, and a “rage” config, so that you can easily switch between the two for different gameplay. You might want to go all out on some deathmatch server, but on competitive matches, you need to be more discreet.

Read our blog posts about how to cheat on LAN and how to cheat on competitive for more stealth tips to use with FragCache private CSGO cheats.