fragcache csgo hack guide

We often get questions regarding our CSGO hack, so we have decided to release a detailed guide going through all our features. Aimbot, wallhack ESP, triggerbot, misc and config will be explained in this FragCache hack tutorial. If you can’t get your hack to work, read our FAQ for trouble shooting tips.

FragCache CSGO Hack Menu & Settings Guide

We will go through all the features in detail since it can be quite difficult to understand at first. Our hack has aimbot, triggerbot, ESP, misc and config features and each one has several different options. Let’s check them out.

Aimbot Settings:

Everyone that owns our private hack for CSGO knows that the aimbot can be a bit tricky to understand in the beginning. In this guide we will talk about the CSGO aimbot function, what settings are best for your play style and more.

First of all, make sure the aimbot button is GREEN, or it will not work.

Smooth/Legit and FOV is important too. The higher FOV, the bigger detection aimbot window. Lower smooth equals better stealth. 

Aimbot Mode should be set to head  if you want headshots.

Thru Walls Means that you can aim on people, whether they are seen or not.

Free For All Means that you will lock onto both teammates and enemies.


The Hotkeys on the right you can click on, then click the key you want to use as that hotkey.

Triggerbot Settings:

The triggerbot is typically not recommended to use. It’s not really any need for it anyway. However you’re still free to use it, but it surely gets a lot of people Overwatch banned since you will get headshots INSTANTLY when people are visible.

With the triggerbot, make sure that the button is GREEN.

There aren’t any settings for it.

As soon as you have someone in your crosshair, the gun will shoot.

ESP (Wallhack) Settings:

The ESP wallhack is one of our most used features in CS GO alongside aimbot.

The CSGO ESP hack feature has a lot of different features, one of them is the RGB colors.

These are RGB values, meaning Red Green Blue. Therefore a value of 101 would be purple because Red active + Blue active = Purple.

Undeneath the Colors settings there is the change color on seen setting. Turn this on, and the outline of your enemy will turn white when you or a teammate can see them.

No-Flash means that flash grenades will not work on you.

Wallhack Intensity puts a slight delay between each loops, raising your FPS.

Friendly & Enemy Walls you can toggle each setting, meaning that you will see them through walls.

Not pictured: Thread settings: 1 thread slows down every settings, but is less CPU intensive. Better for laptops. 2 Threads is recommended so that each feature works properly.

Miscellaneous Settings:

The misc tab has some extra features that you may have missed. This could also be called “the random tab” and we’re sure you’ll find some fun feature in there.

There are really only 2 features here.

RCS Reset means that when you are done spraying your crosshair will return to its original position. Rage Setting

Field of View Changes your in game field of view, so you can see more or less without having to turn.

Skin / Knife Changer Settings

The Skin / Knife Changer Settings are by far the hardest to get used to, but after this hopefully they will make sense.

First, we’ll start in the middle. Pick whatever guns you want to change, then click the down arrow underneath it.

A box with every single skin in the game will pop up. If you have one in mind, just type it in!

Next, if you want to change your knife and skin, go down a section. Pick the knife you want to use under the Knife Type label.

Then, go under that knife in the section above and choose the skin you want to use.

Finally, turn both Knife Changer and Skin Changer on.

In game, just press P with the weapon or knife that you want to use equipped, and watch the skin change before your eyes!

Final Words

We hope this CSGO hack guide helps you with your private FragCache CSGO hack. If you still have questions then you are very welcome to contact us with your question and we’ll do our best to help you.