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FragCache trainer mod menu cheat
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Rules of Survival Aimbot & ESP Wallhack

We’re now offering a free Rules of Survival hack with aimbot and ESP wallhack.

For those who have played or are currently playing this game, must be having an exact idea about the difficulty and complexity level of this game, right?

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RoS wallhack cheat for PC and mobile

Rules of Survival Hack Features

Have you heard about the new game called Rules of Survival? You must have, as it is very popular and addictive game played all around the world.

With our Rules of Survival hack you can play with features like aimbot to get headshots time after time, as well as an ESP wallhack!

This makes you able to see players at all times, even behind objects. Make sure you download the correct version (APK for Android etc), otherwise it will not work.


Our Rules of Survival aimbot hack has been implemented with something we like to call “Realistic Aiming”. This is a feature to make the RoS aimbot as smooth as butter, which makes you stay undetected and untouched.

The aimbot also has No-Recoil and No-Spread, just like most of our hacks. We were thinking of implementing a triggerbot but we decided against it, because there isn’t really any need for it.


The Rules of Survival ESP lets you see your enemies player tags, distance from you, weapon currently equipped, health and much more with our RoS ESP hack feature. You can easily edit what ESP features you want activated in the hack menu. (Open the hack menu by pressing F4)


  • Player Warning – See when a player is close to you on screen
  • Radar Hack – Shows all players on your radar
  • Friend Lists – Enter Friends names so the bot won’t target them in any round
  • Undetectable & Safe – Our code helps you look like a legit player, and because of our extensive coding it will stay undetected for a LONG time.
    Unlimited Recources (ONLY FOR MOBILE, NOT PC).
free Rules of Survival Hack download for PC and mobile

The Best Rules of Survival Cheat for PC, Android & iOS

With our RoS hack, you can get headshot after headshot without effort using the aimbot. The Wallhack ESP cheat can be turned on/off, see all the features below for more details.

It took a LONG time to code this bad boy, and we’re proud of the results and we’re confident you’ll enjoy it as much as we did creating this beast of a cheat.

The hack has an insane amount of features, way more than any other cheat provider we have seen – And it’s completely free! How is that not the best Rules of Survival hack ever made?

An overview of Rules of Survival:

The game Rules of Survival is a Mobile Battle Royale game available in 3D where about 120 players are loaded on an airplane and dropped in an enormous abandoned island.

Players are required to fight till death by using various weapons, resources, and vehicles which are found as the players moved further in the game. Rules of Survival is currently available for Android, iOS & PC.

Rules of Survival Key features:

While playing this game, you can experience the following things:

  • Rules of Survival is all about a Battle Royale where the players are required to fight until they remain standing as a last man.
  • It can be played both by single and by multiple players.
  • This game has various in-game weapons and armours which are needed to win the battles against other players.
  • RoS consists of a game map which assists the player in reaching his destination.
  • There are various abandoned vehicles available in the game which helps the players to drive quickly for reaching the destined place.

Pros of the game:

This game has numerous advantages to offer to its users but the main benefits are mentioned below:

  • Solo and multiple modes are available.
  • Intense combat
  • Variety of gears and weapons
  • Multiple vehicles
  • Players never get bored
  • Rules of survival Hack are available

Guide for newcomers to Rules of Survival:

We face lots of difficulties when we begin to do new things. Similarly, when we start playing any game, we face a little complexity and might need some guidance in order to master the game.

Hence, following are some tips that will help the players who have just started to play the Rule of Survival game:

  • The moment an aeroplane drops you in a deserted island, start searching for armour, weapons and few other resources as these things will help you in winning the fight.
  • Go head to head against other gamers or just sit back and hang around until the players kill each other so that you remain standing as a final player.
  • Rules of Survival game area of the rule of survival is restricted through a circle which gradually deals with the damage of players.
    You should move forward to the mid of the game’s circle in order to get rid of damage which can be caused by being around the most dangerous and deadly players.
  • Gather several varieties of firearms and that too, in huge quantity as these weapons will provide assistance in pilot numerous vehicles and in combat in order to reach where the players are needed to be.
  • And last but not least: Our Rules of Survival Hack AKA RoS Hack, it will work like a charm.

Tips & Tricks for Rules of Survival

Have you just started playing rules of survival? Following are Fragcache’s own Rules of Survival Tips & Tricks Guide that is required to be known by the player in order to get an edge in the world which has been put against you:

  • Discover a control format with whom you are comfortable.
  • Choose the best place where you wanted to be dropped in order to get ample of time for formulating strategies.
  • Get the things on a priority basis like look for a backpack and helmet first as the former will help you in keeping multiple of things while the latter will do the job of protecting you.
  • Formulate strong strategy like whenever you enter any building keep the doors locked and hide yourself in the washroom so, if anyone enters, you can blew them away.
  • Have patience and wait till the opponent comes in your way rather than moving towards them and invite more troubles.
  • Use headphones to make the game more realistic and to be more concentrated.
  • Know when you are required to be in or out of the circle.
  • Hide yourself around the circle in order to catch people running into the circle.
  • Find the way to loot the crates dropped by the planes but make sure that you remain safe from other players.
  • The player should always ensure that they have sufficient grenades. Never run out of grenades as it can prove to be very risky.
  • Make use of third person camera in order to get first mover advantage.

Use Cheats & Hacks

One can use Rules of Survival cheats which essentially means that the player can aim at few other players automatically so that they can win this game easily.

Be careful while using Rules of Survival hacks as it would be moderately observable if the player is pulling the shots off which is quite impossible to do. One can also find the hacks having best reputation and do not forget make fresh account in order to use the Rules of Survival Hack.

Read the reviews of other players in order to ensure that the hack is free of viruses and that it works correctly. Now go and enjoy some Rules of Survival gaming!