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Buy Private CS:GO Hacks & Injectors

When you buy FragCaches Private CS:GO hacks & injectors, you own them! No monthly subscription fees, no daily annoying updates! Our hacks and injectors for Counter Strike: Global Offensive are custom made for every order and have a minimum 80% uniqueness on every item sold. This is to ensure every customer stays undetected from anti-cheats like VAC or Overwatch.

Monthly subscription cheats are shared between several thousand players, how is that private? Every FragCache hack or injector is completely unique, making you the only user – That’s how you stay undetected in 2018.

Every CS:GO cheat we sell has multiple features like aimbot (+ triggerbot), ESP, radar & skinchanger. You can disable unwanted features in the hack menu, so if you for example only want ESP and not aimbot you can easily customize it to your liking.

If you want a custom name for your cheat or injector, you will have to wait 24-48h for us to finish it. If you don’t care about the name, you will get instant access to your file.