The Difference Between VAC & Overwatch Banned

We often get the question “What’s the difference between a VAC ban and an Overwatch ban?” and the answer is quite straight-forward: Overwatch is when a real human watches your gameplay and determine if you cheat or not, while VAC is an anti-cheat software that scans your PC for hacks.

Overwatch Ban

csgo overwatch ban

Overwatch Ban = A human being watches your gameplay and determines if you’re hacking. You can get Overwatch banned even without hacks since humans make mistakes. Because of this, NO CSGO HACK CAN BE UNDETECTED FROM OVERWATCH. If you use your CSGO hacks in an obvious manner, you might get manually reported and Overwatched. With that said, if you hide your cheating well enough, you’ll be fine.


Vac Ban = Valve Anti Cheat software has detected a hack software being used on your PC. There is only one way to get VAC banned, and that is by using CSGO hacks that inject into the game file itself. If you have gotten VAC banned, it means you have used a hack that is detectable. Our private CSGO hack is 100% undetectable from Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) software.

How Do I Avoid Getting Overwatch or VAC Banned?

The only way to stay undetected from VAC is to use a private CSGO hack that is undetected, like our own one. When it comes to Overwatch, it’s all up to how you play and use your hack. Read our post about how to cheat on CSGO competitive and how to cheat on LAN for more stealth tips to make sure you don’t get Overwatch banned.